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Fitness through personal training

One-2-one fitness session, for those wishing to step it up or just train at a time that suits. 5x40min £50
Also now available is an after session fasting/detox/cleansing/healing/your choice organic juice. slow pressed to keep all the enzymes and nutrients alive. equivalent of a meal! 5x 40min one-2-one fitness and juice £75 
why not treat yourself to a week intensive course and get working on that body you want! 
inbox me for deets and beets


Fitness for those who are short on time try our HIT juice session. it is literally over in less than 10 mins and you get a fresh and tasty juice as part of your training . £5 per session by appointment only. 

see results after just 3 sessions a week for 2 weeks or your money back.  please email us for booking.

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