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Our team

School of Exceptional Arts has assembled a team of highly competent and friendly fitness professionals. Check us out:

Jon Luke


Is the founder, owner and manager of SEA has been running fitness classes since opening in 2007. Having been involved in martial arts mostly Shaolin Kung Fu since 1994. The classes draw  partially from the knowledge gained from this extensive training and has now formed an all round training program.


This combines conditioning, cardio, flexibility, strength training, boxercise to create a fun and challenging style of fitness program that is accessible to all from entire beginners right through to professional fitness instructors and black belt level martial artists, all who have or still attend the school. 

Katie Stott

Yoga Teacher


I have been practicing Yoga since 2000 following a long struggle with bouts of depression, drinking alcohol and smoking. Yoga helped me to centre myself and offered a different way of being. I am a firm believer in the body being able to heal itself with the right conditions:


- Stopping

- Calming

- Resting

- Healing


I have had a variety of Yoga teachers over the years from various traditions and nations, and I am always curious to learn what different styles can offer. I use this broad experience in my teaching which means my teaching is eclectic and diverse.


I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in November 2007 with the Indian Institute of Yoga Chennai, India. My teacher was Dr Hema who, as a GP, regularly prescribes Yoga treatments to her patients. The focus of the teacher training was on Yoga for Health and I bring this awareness to my personal and professional practice.

Stephi Briggs

Belly Dance Instructor


Stephi has a strong background in language and culture studies and whilst studying in Spain, became intrigued by Arabic influences in the country. From here she developed a love for Middle Eastern and Arabic music which naturally led her towards Arabic/Egyptian dance. 


She has been described as an elegant, natural and earthy dancer, providing uplifting and powerful performances full of fun and warmth.  She is regularly requested to perform and teach bellydance (Arabic/Egyptian dance) at festivals, community events, weddings, hen parties and other functions.


Stephi is described as a warm and energetic teacher whilst providing clear instruction and good technique.

Master Yan Xin

Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher


Master Yan Xin was trained as a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk. He studied in the Shaolin Temple since the age of 8, becoming a master at only 19. Specialising in forms, weapons, hard Qi Gong and Sanda.


Master Yan Xin has taught all around the world, and is not only experienced in the training of young generation monks, but also of teaching students from Europe and the US. He has performed to audiences in over twenty countries including The President of Lebanon, HRH Queen Elizabeth II in the Royal Variety Show 1999, in the best selling DVD/live show 'Wheel of Life', as well as performing with Jackie Chan in Bollywood film awards evening 2000, to name but a few. 

Virginie Noel (tuesday hatha yoga class)

Deepen your relationship with your body and learn to move with integrity and power. Ground and become present, increase your strength and flexibility, find inspiration and experience renewed lightness and vitality.

Classes incorporate meditation to calm the mind, breathing techniques to purify the nervous system, yoga poses to strengthen and balance the body, relaxation to allow for deep rest, and insight to invite your deepest potential.

Embody your fullest potential on the mat, and bring it into your life!

All levels welcome.
£7 drop in / concessions available
Virginie 07550 331171


FB: hathaflowyoga


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